Zom 100: A Fresh Take on the Zombie Genre in Anime

Zom 100, what’s that?

Zom 100, or Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, is a unique anime series. It’s not your typical zombie apocalypse story. Instead of focusing on survival, it centers around a man named Akira Tendo.

Instead of succumbing to dread, Akira sees this as an opportunity to experience life to the fullest rather than settle for his humdrum existence. He decides to create a bucket list of everything he wants to do before dying in order to not only experience it firsthand but also to show that he is still alive and well. This decision is made with a newfound sense of purpose.

Main Characters of Zom 100

Akira Tendo

Akira Tendo, Zom 100

The main character, Akira Tendo, is a 24-year-old man who was stuck in a dead-end job. When the zombie apocalypse hits, he sees it as an opportunity to start living his life.

He creates a bucket list of 100 things he wants to do before he dies. Akira is known for his loud-mouthed, chaotic personality and his overjoyed reaction to the zombie apocalypse makes him stand out as an oddball character.

He takes risks for ridiculous reasons such as beer runs, a confession of love, and anything else he has written on his bucket list.

Kenichiro Ryuuzaki

Kenichiro Ryuuzaki, Zom 100

Kenichiro “Kencho” Ryuuzaki is Akira’s best friend. He’s a laid-back guy who supports Akira in his quest.

Kenichiro is a former real estate agent and an old friend of Akira’s. He is also blond and has an unbuttoned t-shirt which shows off his impressive physique.

Shizuka Mikazuki

Shizuka Mikazuki, Zom 100

Shizuka Mikazuki is another main character in Zom 100. She is a strong and independent woman who becomes an important part of Akira’s life.

Shizuka is an intellectual. She’s quick on her feet, knows her stuff, and can think her way out of any pickle. At first, she wasn’t a fan of teaming up with others, but then she met Akira.

Beatrix Amerhauser

Beatrix Amerhauser, Zom 100

Beatrix Amerhauser, nicknamed Bea, is the newest member of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead.

Like some anime characters before her, Bea is a foreigner enthralled with Japanese culture, fitting the classic “weeaboo” archetype.

Supporting Characters of Zom 100

There are several supporting characters in Zom 100 that add depth to the story.

Kosaka Sumire, Kosugi Gonzo, Ohtori Saori

Kosugi Gonzo

He is Akira’s boss and aims to make his life miserable in the office. The higher-weight person middle-aged team leader is ruthless, often using psychological and emotional abuse to ensure employees obey him.

His behavior only worsened after the zombies took over, kidnapping those passing through and forcing them into labor.

Ohtori Saori

She is Akira Tendou’s work crush and the first item on his “bucket list”.

Saori appeared to be friendly and compassionate, but was secretly submissive and willingly became her boss’s mistress in order to maintain her position and have better working conditions in the company.

Kosaka Sumire

She is a 30-year-old former violin instructor and wife of Mikio Kousaka. Sumire is also Akira’s residential apartment neighbor from the floors below.

some characters do not have information about them, but it will be updated once it has been released by the studio.

Themes of Zom 100

Zom 100 explores several themes throughout its storyline.

Main theme of Zom 100 : freedom

One of the main themes is freedom. The series shows how Akira uses the zombie apocalypse as a chance to break free from societal expectations and live his life on his own terms.


Another theme is friendship. The series highlights the importance of having good friends who support you in your journey.


Unlike most zombie apocalypse stories that focus on survival, Zom 100 takes a different approach by focusing on living life to the fullest.

Bucket List

The concept of a bucket list is a major theme in the series. Akira creates a list of 100 things he wants to do before he becomes a zombie.


Remember, Zom 100 is not just another zombie anime. It’s a story about living life to the fullest, even when faced with the most dire circumstances.

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